Woodwinds - 1 Beat/Song

Josh Plotner

Woodwinds - 1 Beat/Song

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**This service is specifically for Full Beats/Songs. For short samples, click here

Josh Plotner is a professional sax player and multi-woodwind instrumentalist (full list below) living in New York. He has played on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, major video games, countless movies, shows, and commercials, and am currently subbing on Broadway's Lion King. Josh has played with Esperanza Spalding, Meghan Trainor, dozens of Broadway vocalists, and many more. I am a part of many ensembles in and around New York, and through my experiences he has learned the vocabulary of jazz, classical, rock, pop, Latin (especially various South American musics), and other genres. I'm equally comfortable being an orchestral woodwind section as I am playing a screaming rock sax solo.

Josh can also help create parts if you don't already have one (riffing over a tune, woodwind choir arrangements, writing out a whole sax soli, creating background parts, whatever you need!). Check out his multitrack demos for some samples of what I've written based off of existing songs.

For multiple tracks/layers as well as in-depth arranging prices may vary. Please contact me for my rate sheet. All jobs are priced on a case-by-case basis.

DAW: Logic Pro X
Mics: Golden Age Ribbon, MXL V67G, matched pair AKG214's
Interface: UA Apollo 8 QUAD

Full instrument list: Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Baritone Saxophone, Piccolo/Flute/Alto Flute, Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Oboe/English Horn, Soprano/Alto/Tenor Recorder, EWI, Bansuri, Dizi, Duduk, Fujara, Hulusi, Jaw Harp, Koudi, Ney, Triple Ocarina, Pan Flute (Nai/Siku), Quena, Seljefløyte (Willow/Sallow Flute), Shakuhachi, Slide Whistle, Tao Xun, Tin Whistle, Xiao, Whistling


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