Stimulus : 50 Royalty Free MIDI Loops

Canary Julz

Stimulus : 50 Royalty Free MIDI Loops

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All creation comes from some sort of  Inspiration. All inspiration comes from an incentive, or a stimulus that helps spark all new ideas/concepts. x Canary Julz present the first installment of the "Stimulus" MIDI Kit series. This kit contains 50 individual (Royalty-Free) MIDI Loops created by Canary Julz. 
From Rich R&B/TrapSoul Chords, Dark Trap Key Progressions, to Bright Chords for Pop/Top40 production, this kit is very versatile & can be used for creating a wide range of different genres.
Kit Contains :
- 50 Custom MIDI Chord Progressions by Canary Julz 
- 100% Royalty Free   

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