Mixer Preset Pack V3 : For FL Studio + Bonus Samples

Canary Julz

Mixer Preset Pack V3 : For FL Studio + Bonus Samples

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25 BRAND New Presets for your FL Studio Mixer Channel!

As Always, After the great reviews from the first two Mixer Preset Packs, we had to take it up a notch once again.

This Kit includes FL Studio Mixer Presets for :

- Kicks

- 808s & Bass

- Samples

- Snares

- Closed Hats 

- Transition Fx

- Keys

- Claps

- Synths

- Master Channel Fx

- Drops

- + more!

Expand the capablities of each sound used in your production, using tools such as :

- EQ & Limiter
- Saturation Fx
- Convolution Reverb 
- Custom Reverb Fx
- Filter Fx

- Distortion

- Compression & more

* To Add Preset to a sound in FL, Right click the mixer channel the sound is on, and click "open mixer state", and double-click the Preset you want to add! (You can also customize each preset if you want). *


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