Mixer Preset Pack V2 : For FL Studio

Canary Julz

Mixer Preset Pack V2 : For FL Studio

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25 New Presets to spice up your FL Studio Mixer Channel!

After Great Reviews from the first Mixer Preset Pack, We decided to take it up a notch.

- More Stutters
- Drops
- EQ
- Custom Reverb
- Vox Fx
- 808 Distortion Fx + EQ
- More!

Presets Include (But not limited too):

- 808 Distortion

- Clap With Diffusion Reverb

- Classic Piano (Slow Motion)

- Crispy Snare

- Distant Vox Fx With Delay

- Distorted 808 Fx + Bass Boost

- Dope Sample EQ With Reverb

- Filtered Open Hat With Reverb

- Kick EQ + LimiterFX

Plus A lot more Effects!

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