Bass Guitar - 1 Beat/Song

Charles Berthoud

Bass Guitar - 1 Beat/Song

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Charles Berthoud will record 2-3 takes of world-class bass guitar for your song. Each take will fit the song but will have variations to give you more options. If necessary, you can request one round of edits and revisions for no additional charge. Charles will deliver tracks that include EQ, compression and any other plugins needed, as well as a clean and dry DI signal.
Bio: Charles Berthoud is an electric bassist in Boston, MA. He has high-level professional experience, having recorded original music for Warner/Chappell Production Music, as well as collaborating with producers from prominent labels such as Nettwerk Records. Charles's original music has been featured on national TV channels such as Univision. He currently tours regularly across the US as a solo act and clinician, and also performs with various groups such as Afro-Celtic Funk outfit, Soulsha.

With his selection of high-quality basses and plugins, he can get an incredible range of tones; everything from a deep, warm and fat sound, to a bright and edgy tone, as well as beautiful fretless sounds from the likes of Pino Palladino to Michael Manring.

LeFay De-Tuner 4-string
LeFay De-Tuner Piccolo Bass 
Muckelroy Fretless 4-string
Musicman Stingray 5-string
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Interface (includes great preamp)


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