Sample Replay Service

What are Sample Replays?

Sample Replays are used when you've created a track either around or containing a non royalty-free sample. A Sample Replay is essentially an interpolation of the sample that still captures the spirit of the original piece of music. 

The Process : 

  1. You send Info/Sample to be assessed
  2. We Have world-class musicians interpolate & capture the essence of the Original Sample
  3. We will send the draft to you / discuss any revisions

Services :

  • Musical Replays (Real Instruments) - Real Guitars, Pianos, Strings, Brass, Synthesizers, Drums + more
  • Vocal Recreation - Vocal Acapella Loops or Full Tracks for Sample Recreation purposes

To get started, Email : with the subject "Sample Replays" & Include all info/Original Sample.